GYM Events

Throughout the year Fit For Life 365 will be hosting a number of member-only events and other specialized classes.* Check back for updates.

The Self Defense class was great!! We learned a ton of techniques and options to gain control of a situation. We learned tactical maneuvers to get out of arm grabs, bear hugs and choke holds. We also learned awareness and observation dos and don’ts. A great class for anyone wanting to get the basics of self defense. Next class will be in Oct or Nov.

Members had a great time in August getting to the top of Mount St. Helens. It was hard but worth every step. Here’s a couple of pictures. See you next year!!

*Fit For Life 365 may also schedule separate events and/or classes open to the public for the purposes of marketing and promotion.

All Fit For Life 365 members are expected to abide by the gym’s Code of Conduct when using the fitness facility.