Fit For Life 365 is a Private Limited-Membership Fitness Facility.

Membership has its perks. Enjoy relaxing in our sauna, complimentary exercise and shower towels, bottled water, coffee, snacks and occasional give-a-ways. Fit For Life 365 will also host “Members Only” specialized classes and social events. Membership also includes a 30 minute orientation with a personal trainer (available by appointment only). The total number of available memberships: 200.

Sign up for membership below. Upon completion of the purchase, you will receive an email verification as well as an email from OpenPath with instructions on how to activate your personal entry credentials on your smartphone. If you do not have a smartphone, you will be issued a keyless entry card at the time of your first visit (available during staffed hours or by appointment).

Not ready to commit? Have questions? Want a tour? CLICK HERE or email us at

New SINGLE Membership Options:

New COUPLE / FAMILY Membership Options:

2 or more family members residing in the same household

Primary member signs up here. Other family members will be entered at the club, during staffed hours or by appointment, in order to verify residence.


High School Student Membership available with proof of valid student I.D.

Parent authorization form required.


A Payment Method must accompany all memberships for automatic renewals, in-store purchases, etc.

Only those people listed on the membership may access the facility.

CAUTION: Allowing entry or unauthorized use of your entry credentials to a non-member will result in a penalty charged to the member account: First offense $50 / each additional offense $100.

Our Promise to YOU when you Pay-In-Full

If Fit For Life 365 is required by the State of Oregon to shut down due to Covid for a period greater then 21 days, membership credits will be issued for each full month that the club remains closed. Membership credits do not extend a current membership term; credits will be applied to future membership purchases.

Insurance Membership Program

All Fit For Life 365 members are expected to abide by the gym’s Code of Conduct when using the fitness facility.